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Fun, So Far

I wish I had some cool pictures to show you, but I haven’t used my camera much this trip.  I couldn’t tell you how much I enjoy riding in Lex, and this trip has made up for a recent lack of that activity.  We drove and drove last Wednesday, and arrived at Vine Grove, KY at dinner time.  It really is not a long a trip, we started out after rush hour, and made it fine.

We had a great time at Vine Grove, a wonderful community festival.  The whole town, perhaps the neighboring ones, too, turn out to support the show.  A large number of local sponsors make it an affordable event for everyone.  The committee had to work double hard, since the park had flooded TWICE in the week before the festival.  When we arrived, you could not tell there had been problems.

Unfortunately, just as the last band Saturday was ready to go onstage, a freak wind came up, and lifted one of the big tents off it’s poles.  Although several men tried to hold it down, the tent took flight, and then collapsed onto those left under it.  Several people helped hold it up and get folks  out.  Papa said Jeff Parker and Darrin Vincent, of Dailey and Vincent, came running to where he and someone else were holding  an edge of the tent up, and helped people out. This is an example of what fine guys that group is made up of, as Papa said, “High marks for them, in my book.”

The most important thing is, no one was hurt. We were sorry that that ended the festival, since we had been looking forward to the second set by  Big Country Bluegrass.

I hope things will work out so we can be in Vine Grove again next year.

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  1. Apple says:

    I’m glad you’re having a good trip and hope you don’t run into any more problems.
    .-= Apple´s last blog ..Tamerson L Carlisle, Sept 20 , 1905 =-.

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