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The Last Stages

I guess I could say that fall is upon us, it was in the mid-forties at daylight this morning. The lowest temperature of the night is usually just before daylight around here. I wore a sweatshirt around the house yesterday, and was chilly in spite of my warmer clothing. I’m pretty sure that that trend is going to continue, based on the weather forecasts I have been hearing. Although we are supposed to have more seasonable temperatures, somewhere in the seventies during the day for this week, night time lows will be in the fifties.

My dad had some interesting phrases he used, one was, “It’s the first sign of the last stages.” I feel just that way about summer this morning. I thought it was pretty cool here, then M-in-L called and told me there was frost on her garage roof. It is a little too early for that, even in northern Michigan where she lives. The cooler weather is a sure sign of fall, as if the start of football season wasn’t sign enough. We have run our air conditioning exactly five days this summer, so to say the summer has been cooler than usual is not a stretch.

Although the start of school is not an issue in my home these days right after Labor Day, the buses will roll again. The sound of the school bus pulling away from the curb twice a day signals a new season for me, and for many who have raised children. It means new things, after school snacks, apples, falling leaves, different smells and sights.

I have not quite finished with summer, hopefully I will accomplish a few more things that are waiting on my list. The trim outside the entry doors needs paint. I want to paint our dump combination breeze-way / entry room, which connects the garage and the house and I have some wall paper to hang in the back stairs. When I painted the bathroom last spring, it was too cold to open the window. Now, the trim just around the window near the screen is still the old color. I need to do that little bit real soon, while the window can still be opened and the screen removed for a day.

My flower beds are in disarray. I will have to spend a couple of days out there to bring things back to some kind of order. I have a row of beets and a row of carrots to deal with. Although the tomatoes are mostly done, there are going to be a few here and there, and I don’t like to waste them. Then, there is the matter of taking down the fence around the garden, tilling, and so on. Wow, the list is longer than I thought.

Papa and I also have our big vacation for the year coming up soon. We will travel to Kentucky for a long weekend, and end up in Tennessee for a week. We are taking Lex this year, the first time we have gone so far with a motor home. For the long trips, we have generally used the small car and stayed in hotels or our tent. This time, we will tow the car, so we can get around Nashville during the World of Bluegrass. According to my count down timer, there are 24 days before we leave.

So, for the rest of today, I will work toward accomplishing whatever I can from my list, and adding things to the list for later. I sure hope your list is shorter!

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Granny lives in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. I like genealogical research, gardening, cool weather, spending time with my family, and bluegrass music.


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  1. tipper says:

    Feeling cooler here too-but no where near the 40s. Hope you trip goes well-sounds like so much fun.

  2. grannypam says:

    We are sure looking forward to it. It seems like so long since last year, but, I guess it has been only a year.

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