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Tomatoes, And Other Stuff

The garden has been a real challenge this year, mostly because we just haven’t had the rain. We didn’t get a lot of cucumbers or zucchini, but we have had lettuce and green beans. We also have broccoli and cabbage to eat.

I gave up on the beans a while back, a kind of enough is enough situation. We will pull the plants, harvest the remaining dried pods and collect the beans from them. We cook them into soup just like any dry bean, a trick I learned from M-in-L. Right now it is tomatoes, and how. I had a meeting Tuesday night this week, so I asked Papa if he would pick the tomatoes. He did.

I canned 32 quarts of juice the next day, and my counter is still piled with those that weren’t ripe enough to use. I was going to finish that today, but they still aren’t ready. The tomato relay will continue for a month or more. I must say that it is my favorite time of year, I like garden tomatoes better than anything.

I’m also on a diet (again or still).  I lost 20 pounds earlier this year, and it turns out that that is not enough. My blood pressure has been a problem for most of the last twenty years, and these days it is getting much harder to control. It is hard for me to be physically active my bad knees and sore feet have really slowed me down. I am working on shrinking right out of all these problems, so wish me luck.

Tonight, if you are anywhere in the Detroit area, you should be at the Glass City Opry to see Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper. Tom Adams is new with the band, playing guitar and singing. Michael and Tom recorded an album several years ago, “Live From the Ragged Edge”, and have worked together in the past with Rhonda Vincent and Dale Ann Bradley. We last saw Michael Cleveland at the Red, White and Bluegrass Festival in July, and are looking forward to seeing the new line-up.

Have a great weekend!

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