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Unhappy Household Residents

The cats (I don’t have any cats), were very lonely last week when D1 was off baby sitting for D2’s children. The drove me absolutely crazy, (I know, short trip). It was on my lap, off my lap. Rub, rub, rub, purr purr, purr. They followed me around like dogs. If I headed for the bedroom, they were on the bed waiting for me. If I went to the basement, they tried to follow. They crowded into the bed with us at night, since their main sleeping partner was nowhere to be found. They desperately rubbed against and purred at D3 whenever she was in range. I had one or the other on my lap while I was typing, or rather, trying to type.

At one point, I dug all the favored toys out of their hiding places. This is usually under something, pushed far back so no one can get them. I use a broom, or move the furniture. I came up with quit a pile, and Chloe settled down close by.

chole toys

Squeaky Kitty was there, but she ran off and sat on Papa’s desk chair.

squeekie chair

When we started packing clothing and carrying things to the camper, they both got mad and started ignoring us. They somehow know when we’re leaving, and they do not like it. Not at all.

I am sure that D1 and D3 are paying attention to my cats (I don’t have any cats) while I’m gone. I hope everyone keeps calm, after all, it is only for a couple of days!

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3 Responses to “Unhappy Household Residents”

  1. tipper says:

    Cute cats-even if they aren’t yours : )
    .-= tipperĀ“s last blog ..Putting Up Corn =-.

  2. grannypam says:

    Cute, and playful. But sometimes a pain….

  3. TK says:

    aw, hug hug kiss kiss mewy foo foo, kitties… <3

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