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Morning Glories

I said I would take yet another photo of my morning glories and I remembered! But the picture does not show how glorious they really are.


Here is another:

side view

They are all colors, and there are tons of flowers, which come out when it is still dark, and bloom most of the day. They do close sometime in the afternoon.

This is a volunteer, I pulled another volunteer out, but left this one:

vol mgs

The one I pulled out was on the black and orange bird.

I didn’t have any hollyhocks this year. The must have been mad after we rearranged the border. But the ones that will bloom next year did pretty well, considering the little water they’ve had.


Well, there was one hollyhock. I have a problem with volunteers around here. Basically, if a plant or tree will grow well here, is will also be fruitful and multiply. I must have pulled 3 dozen tomato plants out of my roses this spring, and they are still growing in there. I hauled some garden dirt up to fill the bed, and every seed in it sprouted. Gives me something to do, I guess.

Anyway, the hollyhock I have is a volunteer, which blooms every other year. Here it is, completely hiding a huge barrel planter D3 has near the patio.

blomming hh

The hollyhock is a dark color, and it is a very happy interloper. The kinda-red flowers behind the hollyhock are a geranium that we have had for a couple of years. We put it in the basement last fall, and this year it has reached new heights, and widths. It completely fills the barrel, and blooms constantly. So, I guess for every little bit of bad luck, we have some good luck.

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2 Responses to “Morning Glories”

  1. Apple says:

    They are beautiful! Thanks for sharing them with me. Maybe I’ll have some in September.

    Have a great weekend 🙂
    .-= Apple´s last blog ..Sarah Ann Camfield, Jan 7, 1901 =-.

  2. grannypam says:

    Thanks, Apple. I sure am enjoying them. I can see them from the bathroom window, and from my bedroom window. I keep track of them all day long!

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