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My Busy Week

This is my busy week, I have GS3 and both our granddaughters here for the week. Our granddaughters are headed for Summer Safari at the Detroit Zoo. GS3 has a camp in a few weeks, but he is along for the ride this week. D2 and D1 are headed to the ALA conference in Chicago. They have arrived in Chicago; they took the train from Kalamazoo yesterday. I already saw a few mobile uploads on Facebook, so I imagine a good time is being had by all.

The main attraction for non-librarian D1 is seeing the sights with her sister, and the chance to actually meet Judy Blume and other amazing authors. D1 is an engineer, not a librarian like D2, but shares her sister’s love of books. D1 had a book permanently attached to her arms from age 5 to about 16 or 17. She actually still does, but doesn’t read them while she walks now. I remember tons of trips to the grocery story, and me saying, “Leave the book in the car”. Really. She read as she walked to the car, and at all other times.

Back to me, I won’t be reading anything this week. Papa and I picked and canned peas and beans Thursday and last night, around our trip to meet S-in-L and retrieve the kids. We were up late processing them, and everyone except GD2 is up now. She got up early, then came back and said to me, “Tell me it’s still night.” So I said, “It’s still night, go back to bed,” and she actually went back to bed and back to sleep. That never happened with the other kids.

The rain we really need is falling, one bath has been taken, the veggies are on the shelf in the basement, GD1 is playing games on Disney, GS3 is playing his DS, GD2 is sleeping, Papa is watching the news, or something. We’ve had one bath, a shower, three of five of us are dressed, and a load of wash is going.

If I don’t see ya before, there is always time when they can’t be here!

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  1. Apple says:

    It sounds like you’re going to have a great week! Do you have a vacation planned so you can recharge next week? 😉
    .-= Apple´s last blog ..Mabel Camfield Marsh, Aug 28, 1899 =-.

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