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Photos From Red, White and Bluegrass

Papa’s photos from the Red White and Bluegrass Festival in Morganton, North Carolina are posted here. We were seated off to the side, so Papa walked up front with each band change to get the best shots he could. The lighting was a problem throughout the show. The stage had no back or sides, and the sun caused some glare during certain parts of the day. Then, at night the stage was certainly well lit enough to see the bands, but picture taking was again a challenge.

If you are looking for a certain band, this listing may help:

Images 51746-51849 are from Wednesday and feature Volume 5, Gold Heart, Junior Sisk, the SteelDrivers and Larry Sparks.

Images 51850-52073 are from Thursday and feature Sweet Potato Pie, Widlfire, NewFound Road, Dave Peterson, Larry Stephenson, the Grascals, IIIrd Tyme Out and Mountain Heart.

Images 52074-52291 are from Friday and picture Red Rocking Chair, Michelle Cupit, Monroe Crossing, Chris Jones, Kenny & Amanda Smith, Marty Rabon, and Blue Highway.

Images 52292-52466 are from Saturday picturing Town Mountain, Balsam Range, Jeanette Williams, Michael Cleveland, Cherryholmes and the Dan Tyminski Band.

It was our first time at this festival, and we had a wonderful time. It is well run and everyone was very friendly. I usually post my favorite photo from among each group, but I have too many favorites to post. I’ll start with one here, and add more later this week. This is Matt DeSpain, who was playing with Wildfire.

mt 09 153

We enjoyed the entire show, I will try to say more about that later this week.

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