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We arrived home yesterday afternoon, a little tired, but glad we made the trip. We were out in North Carolina, the first time we actually stayed there instead of just driving through. Emptying the car was easy, but this week will be busy.

I have some details to wrap up for our family reunion, which is in August. We have to get the yard and garden straightened out. I have a lot of weeds out there, a lot. My van is acting up, and we don’t know what is may be, so there is that to deal with. I took it to the repair place, but it ran fine while they have it. Figures. Then, there are the things I want to do, like work on my genealogy. I guess it is fair to say that I enjoy working on my garden, so I should be happy to be home and ready to go.

The weather was quite pleasant in North Carolina, almost cool in the evenings. I don’t believe it was normal for this time of year, but it was perfect for sitting out watching music. There wasn’t a drop of rain for the entire four days of the festival, but it was sprinkling Sunday morning when we headed out for home. We drove through some rain, but not too much. The best part of the drive was coming straight up I-75! Yes! After what has seemed line years (but was actually only months) of pain, detours, and just plain annoyance, the road is open through Detroit again. It makes our trip home from the state line much quicker.

Papa worked hard on his pictures while we were gone, so I expect to post them tomorrow. If you want to see some samples sooner than that, he has some on his Facebook page. Much more later!

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