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Dumplin Valley June Fest

Papa and I made a quick trip to East Tennessee for the Dumplin’ Valley June Fest. We made the trip to see some bands that we won’t see around here this summer, including Balsam Range, Larry Cordle, the Gibson Brothers and the Rangers. Some of the bands which appeared that we will see other places this summer, but duplication isn’t a problem for us, especially for bands we enjoy.

Papa and I elected to stay in a hotel, mostly because we had never visited the site, and had some free nights we could use. As it turned out, that may have been a good choice, there was quite a bit of rain, including some thunder showers during the festival. We would have taken a tent, so we were feeling fortunate about our choice. The rain did not put a damper on the event, since the stage is in a barn, and tents are provided for those who sit outside the enclosure.

The campground is very nice, including restrooms and showers. We won’t hesitate to take a tent, to this venue in the future. A lot of attention was given to the grounds, and everything was spotless.

I usually post my favorite picture here, and today will be no exception. This one was easy, and it is one you won’t see it in the gallery. Here are Jerry Butler and his daughter Sami. Jerry has recorded a new CD with John Wade, which will be out soon. Sami had a line in a song called “Daddy’s Girl” on the CD, and she got to go down to Nashville to record it

DSC 0124 copy

She actually came out on stage and spoke the line when the band sang the song.

DSC 0118copy3

Well, Tami brought her out. But Sami did her part, and did it well. She was rightfully quite pleased with herself.

You can see the more from Dumplin Valley on Papa’s site.

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