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Go Wings!

OK, I said it. Papa and I have been huge hockey fans for years, since he attended this college. Back in those days, the school had a very successful hockey team. We spend some time in the old Puller Arena, screaming our way through the games. Hockey was different then, there were no helmets and fights were a part of the game. Players didn’t get away with taking cheap shots at the other team’s star players, they knew an enforcer would pay them back. The game had a few more fights, but very few whacks from behind with sticks. Elbows were called, and so was interference.

Those were heady days for USA Hockey, too. I remember watching a team made up of college and Junior players beat Russia in the Olympics. A very big deal. The Lakers were good in 1994 too, when they won the NCAA Hockey Championship under coach Jeff Jackson. Jackson left for Hockey USA, and the Lakers haven’t been the same since.

Anyway, we do have a history with Hockey, and we like it. We are especially proud to have been Detroiters over the past years, when the Red Wings have been very successful. They play a team game, and the team concept still wins more games than individual stars.

So, tonight, we’ll be pulling for the Wings to bring home another Stanley Cup!

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