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Overdue for an Update!

I guess I have been busy, very busy! My garden and flowers have eaten up a ton of time lately. If we don’t get some rain, they will continue to use up my time an energy. I can’t keep things watered, and watering isn’t the same as rain, we all know that.

I have also dusted off my sewing machine, and am making a few little things for GD1. She is growing like a weed, and her sister is close behind, looking for handed down outfits. This week, it’s shorts. They are quick, and I hope to finish them tonight and mail tomorrow. There are eleven pairs, all cut from scraps of fabric from my horde.

Things were going well until I ran out of gas last night. I had 4 pairs finished, and just hit the wall.

I’m starting back to it this morning, as soon as I mop my floors and water my flowers.

Right now, my sewing machine looks a little like this.


D1 especially liked the “polkaspots” on the pink background. I just hope GD1 likes them, no one else is thin enough to wear them!

Happy Monday!

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