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A Small Problem

The soffit was coming down in some places on our house, so a couple of weeks ago, we hired a guy to fix it. He did a nice neat job, but the invaders, who turned out to be squirrels and were quite persistent, found another way in.

He fixed that new access point last Friday, while we were off camping. Apparently, our visitors were inside at the time, D3 heard them scampering around looking for a way out. They got out, and back in by chewing or clawing through the soffit next to the sheet metal repair.

When I heard scratching on the little room over the bay window near my computer today, I went outside for a look, and this is what I saw:



He was easier to see in person, so if you are real curious, come on over. This little guy ran around on the roof, chattered at me, then disappeared into the newly chewed hole. I know he isn’t the only one, I believe we have a squirrel family in residence. It doesn’t take more brains than I have to figure out we’re in a war. We always see squirrels around in the fall, but usually not this time of year, and they have not previously tried to take possession of a portion of our home.

I’ve read up on the problem, here and here. It appears it is time to go on a squirrel hunt. By this evening I will be the proud owner of a live trap. I’m sure all kinds of fun will follow that acquisition.

Whenever we are sure the residents have all left, we will call the guy back to repair the soffit again. I hope this doesn’t take the rest of the summer, I have other things I’d like to do.

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3 Responses to “A Small Problem”

  1. tipper says:

    We had a flying squirrel problem in our attic. Nothing would make them leave!! Finally my husband removed the metal from our roof and re-did the plywood to make sure their were no gaps then they couldn’t get back in. Every once in a while I still think I hear something : ) surely yours won’t be that bad-and will just LEAVE!

    tipper’s last blog post..The Blackberry

  2. grannypam says:

    Well, the trap is set, we’ll see how we do. The roof guy wants a fur coat, he is pretty funny. I don’t think I could make a coat for Barbie from one of them, they are so little. And I hope there aren’t enough for a coat for a real person!

  3. Apple says:

    I hope you catch them quickly, before they do more damage. We once had a raccoon family and were very lucky that the damage was minimal. They loved the peanut butter in the trap.

    Apple’s last blog post..Carnival of Genealogy, 73rd Edition

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