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Papa and I took a weekend off from the household, yard and garden chores to enjoy our “little” grandchildren. Little is just a comparison word in this case, they are ages ten, almost five and almost seven. Our “big” grandchildren are almost twenty-one and almost eighteen.

We took Lex and headed made a short drive to Groveland Oaks, one of the fine Oakland County (Michigan) parks. D2 and S-in-L dropped the children off Friday morning and picked them up Sunday morning. It was a short but fun visit.

I admit the weather could have been better, but it didn’t rain too much. On Saturday, they day we planned to swim and water-slide it was pretty nice, but windy. We had campfires, made s’mores and ice cream and spent time at the playscape. The older two did a little fishing. We saw a swan family, and the usual large amount of goose poop. BTW, I have a solution for the mess the geese make. My theory is of a paraphrase of slogan attributed to Hoover, I say, “A goose in every pot!”

Back to the fun. Here are a few select photos. Papa didn’t have his camera, he was really on vacation. I usually use my camera for research, documentation and grandchildren, and this occasion fit the bill.



You can see that we had the park almost all to ourselves. Most everyone went camping Memorial Day weekend. I’m not sure we would have had as much fun if there had been a big crowd. I did absolutely nothing but watch children swim, swing, climb and run. I also found out how much fun it can be to play “go fish” with an almost five year old. She knows the numbers and all the cards, but has problems holding her cards up so no one can see. I think that is a stage for most kids, but I had forgotten.

The shock of coming home and all that needs to be done here hit hard yesterday. It rained, so I did the inside stuff. Today, I have a little excursion to make, then I’ll be mowing and hoeing. Have a good one!

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