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Updated Countdown

You might notice that I took a few minutes to update my countdown timer. I’m not sure how useful the darn thing is, but I enjoy it.

I don’t put every move we’re making on that, after some things are totally left to chance! There are some fun bluegrass events included, so look it over, you might want to attend one or more of them.

Yesterday, I called attention to the Freddie Harris Memorial Walk/Run. Today, I want to emphasize that Papa and I will be hauling a bunch of good stuff to the Troy Senior Citizen’s garage sale on Saturday, June 6th.

We have a variety of Papa’s lawn ornaments, you’ve seen them in my garden photos. Papa also makes very cool crates, we have all sizes from peck to bushel. There are some that can be used to store CDs and DVDs also. We will also have 80 square feet of Wilsonart Laminate Flooring which is left over from our project. Bargain price, nice flooring. There are some cool bibs that I make, they totally cover the upper part of your baby, including sleeves. We couldn’t have lived without them. In addition to all that, I have my mothers left-over yarn, numerous craft books, some raspberry plants, and tons of other things which defy description.

There is a kids sale the same day, pretty cool. The older folks, and the kids. Come on out and see all the goodies. If you buy something from me, I can buy something from someone else!

That’s Saturday, June 6, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Liberty Center Parking Garage, Troy, MI. It is just south of the Troy community Center on Livernois. You can park at the community center. Come on out and visit, or shop, or both!

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