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Peas, Peas and More Peas

The peas were planted first, and they came up first. Papa really likes peas, and enjoys growing them. For several years, we have planted them along two sides of the fence that surround our garden.


Yes, that is my shadow, the peas are smaller, but doing well. Here are the ones on the opposite fence.


Nothing else is up yet, but you can see the tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, and Raspberries that inhabit our growing space. The rhubarb is on the the other side of the berries, and you can’t see them.


Yes, there is some hoeing and tilling to do on Monday when we get home.

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Granny lives in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. I like genealogical research, gardening, cool weather, spending time with my family, and bluegrass music.


3 Responses to “Peas, Peas and More Peas”

  1. Apple says:

    Well I certainly feel like a slacker now! Our strawberries are flowering but nothing else is planted in the veggie bed.

    I hope you’re feeling better 🙂

    Apple’s last blog post..Anna

  2. tipper says:

    Everything is looking good! I’ve got tiny peas on my vines-and can’t wait to eat them!! Hope you’re feeling better from your allergies. I agree it’s too hard to stay inside this time of year.

    tipper’s last blog post..Memorial Day

  3. grannypam says:

    Apple, I wouldn’t feel like a slacker if I were you. We’re pushing the season here in Michigan. I noticed a little frost damage on the tomatoes today when I was hoeing. Darn. At least I’m not replanting, which I had to do last year.

    Tipper, you sure do have an earlier season there. We feel lucky here with a last frost date of mid-May, but we got some later than that.

    Thanks to both of you, my allergies are about the same, but my attitude is improved!

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