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I thought I’d try to write a little post, and for that matter, any post today. I’ve got a pretty miserable sinus infection, or allergy problem, or cold. The doctor thinks it will be gone in a week, and I sure hope so. I think it is more allergies than anything, I can’t stop sneezing. Yes, I’m using my allergy medicine. But, I’ve been told I should stay inside with the air conditioning on, and that’s just not me. I expect that the worst will pass soon, or disappear when we go “up north” this weekend.

We will visit M-in-L, and all the cemeteries. We look forward to Memorial Day and Labor Day in our home town, doing home town things. We don’t get up there much these days, our life is centered around our home here. I expect to be there twice more during the summer, for M-in-L’s family reunion, and for my 40th class reunion. Forty years since I graduated from high school? FORTY? Crazy, that’s for sure.

S-Dad was down here yesterday. He has switched to a doctor near his new home, and has only to switch his eye doctor. Of course, that is what he should do. We don’t see him much these days, but will be stopping by his home each time we head up north. We are happy he is settled in, and he seems content. Sunday will be his eighty-second birthday, so we’re taking up a little gift, and will try to time it to take him to breakfast/brunch/lunch on Friday.

My peonies are just beginning to blossom, so I will pick a few to put on my mother’s grave, also on the way up. Since she is buried in Great Lakes Military cemetery, we can’t plant anything, or place artificial flowers during the summer. S-Dad had a beautiful African violet to take there on his way home. I notice that potted plants are allowed for ten days before and after Memorial Day and Easter. I am planning to ask him if he would like me to return to the cemetery after Memorial Day and get the lovely plant, so he can take it back next year.

I have red geraniums for my Dad’s family lot in Cadillac, and we also put some of those on the graves of Papa’s grandparents and father.

I have a busy day in store, getting ready to go. I remember once Uncle George said to me, “You’d rather be ready and not go, than go and not be ready.” That is a mouthful, but it describes me well. I want to plan, plan, plan and the execute. I hope I plan well this time.

I also hope you enjoy the holiday, and remember the reason it was established.

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