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Not So Wordless Wednesday

This week I have chosen to post a class photo which was included in my Grandmother’s things. There is no year or other clue in this photo to help me decide the year it was taken. It would be one of the elementary schools in Cadillac, Michigan. The schools were named for the wards from which they drew their students, “First Ward School,” and so on.  You can see that the picture was pasted or glued into a book.

The young lady I circled is my aunt Helen.


Aunt Helen small, but an imposing person. We saw her a little more often in the later years of her life, when she visited Aunt Jane most summers. Aunt Jane lived near us in her retirement and we saw her quite often.

Aunt Helen made quite an impression on my daughters. I inherited a photo of Helen that her husband had taken, which was among Aunt Jane’s possessions at the time of her death. The photo was among a collection of pictures painted my Helen’s husband, Richard Domey. Our daughters remembered Helen’s visits, and they knew about Richard’s paintings. I let each of our girls choose a painting from my much enlarged collection after Aunt Jane’s death. D2 chose a painting, but D3 chose the photo of Aunt Helen. Sometime later, when Papa visited with Richard, he let him know about D3 remembering Aunt Helen and choosing the photo. Papa said Richard knew exactly which photo, and thought he was pleased that someone who treasured it had it.

Here is a scanned copy of that photo.


Helen Elizabeth (Yearnd) Domey, 1914-1990.

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