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A Great Weekend

We had a wonderful time at the West Michigan Bluegrass Music Association MayFest over the weekend. We were lucky enough to have GD1 and GD2 join us. It was a good thing they were there, and that the younger one realized I needed help. Saturday morning I said I needed to get the hot dogs out for supper. I really meant that I needed them out of the freezer and into the fridge so they would thaw. She said, “We usually don’t eat this early.”

I have to tell you, everything in my life is a translation to fit into her world. She travels in different circles, moves faster, thinks faster, everything. At one point, she imparted more wisdom, “We don’t have to wear socks when we wear tights.” So, it turns out that she thinks everything is news for poor old Granny, even basic facts on how to dress. She let me know several times that she is four years old, but will be old enough for kindergarten next fall. I sure don’t know where time has gone.

Speaking of time, GS2 will graduate from High School Friday night. I doesn’t seem possible that he was born almost 18 years ago. I spent a week with his mother, who had to have a c-section. Everything turned out fine, we are glad of that. We having seen much of him this past year, but we are still proud he has reached this milestone. I hope he will make wise choices, and enjoy the challenges that lie ahead. Papa and I will travel up north to witness the event, and we will enjoy the balance of the weekend at M-in-L’s home. Spring is fun there, there will be a little bit of garden to plant, cemeteries to visit, and a lot of time to visit and catch up.

Here’s a good photo of GS2; I always remember the football, he played a lot, and he played well.


Congratulations, and go get ’em!

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