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A Nice Jar

You all remember the nice dish, don’t you? A funny thing happened around here a week or so ago. I had an empty container to wash and recycle. It started looking pretty nice. If fact, it was nicer all the time. Almost before you could wink, I said to Papa, “This is a pretty nice container, I wonder if we could use it?”. Crazy.

Here it is:

very nice dish


I had it on the table with the top screwed on and flat, but D1 told me it needed a little style. Well, first she said, “You aren’t taking a picture of THAT, are you?”

Then, she had to let me know that someone at her workplace was eating a salad out of a clear plastic clamshell for lunch the other day. You know what I mean, produce is sometimes sold in them. That person said it was sure a nice dish and indicated that they might save it, and use it to bring future lunches. D1’s friend, J, was also in the lunchroom, so when the phrase “Nice Dish” came up, They started laughing, and the discussion extended to other examples, including the plastic soda cups you can purchase at the corner gas stations. The guy apparently said, “I don’t keep soda cups”. or something like that. Perhaps the way D1 told me the story made the whole think funnier than funny.

I did find a use for this “Nice Dish” here at the old ranch. I’m not sure how I feel about it, but it’s being used.

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2 Responses to “A Nice Jar”

  1. Apple says:

    My kids get all of my “nice” dishes because they never return the expensive ones. I reuse all sorts of containers – frugal works for me.

    Apple’s last blog post..Anna

  2. tipper says:

    My problem-I seem to collect to many “nice dishes” 🙂

    tipper’s last blog post..Entertainment During The Economic Downturn

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