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Not So Wordless Wednesday, Happy Anniversary to D2 and S-in-L

I had to look back to see how long it had been. Fourteen years ago on May 13th, 1995, the happy couple were married. They’ve had their challenges, as all families do, but they’ve hung in there and put first things first for all this time.


Several years ago, when their children were visiting me, I played the wedding video for them. GD2 was about three, she said, “There’s my Daddy, I love my Daddy!” GS3 was about 7. He watched carefully, and said, “My mother doesn’t look the same now.” And I had to ask what he meant. He said, every careful of peoples feelings and polite, “She looked, ahh.” I helped him out, “Younger?,” I asked, and he agreed, “Younger.” GD1 asked, quickly, and sharply, “Does my mother still have that dress?” I said it was in a box in my attic. An hour later, she asked me, “Where is your attic?” Oh boy. I told her that we could not open the box, since the dress had been cleaned and sealed up for storage. I also told her that if the day came that she was going to be married, we would take the dress out of the box and adjust it to fit her. She wasn’t really satisfied, but she quit bugging me.

I hope their adventure continues for many more wonderful years.

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  1. Apple says:

    Happy Anniversary to them! It would be lovely if one of their girls chooses to wear the gown with that wonderful train some day.

    Appleā€™s last blog post..Anna

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