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I took out 12 or 13 patterns (overkill) in an attempt to find one to make a few pairs of shorts for GD1. She is growing fast, and I do have a lot of patterns and fabric in my storage area behind the kitchen. Some of the huge pile is my fault, and some is from Sally’s collection.

I compared pattern measurements to GD1’s measurements, scratched my head (and a few other places) and took FOUR inches out of the waist and hip of a little size 5 shorts pattern. Then I made a quick pair of shorts out of the ugliest fabric I could find, wrapped them up with a note and mailed them to GD1. The note asked her to try them on and call me to tell me if they are too big or too small, or too tall or too short. I used ugly fabric so if she can’t (or won’t) wear them I won’t wish I hadn’t wasted something. With my luck, they will be too small.

When I made clothing for my daughters, they were right with me, so I could try things on as I went. I really find it difficult to sew and entertain a grandchild, or grandchildren. Besides, having them here is enough fun, without adding some additional work to the mix. I guess if I were used to having them on a daily basis, it would be easier, but maybe not…. I guess age has something to do wth this whole thing, and not their age.

Next, I will to cut out a few little skirts, and perhaps a sun dress or two. I do know that the skirts I made a few weeks ago when GD2 was here fit GD1. So, I can duplicate the pattern and make her a few more. Most of the summer dress patterns I’m considering hang from the shoulders, so a chest measurement and a length is enough to fit them, and I have that.

I do love to sew, and it takes my mind off other things I can’t control. But I really do wonder how D1’s measurements can be so different from the pattern measurements.

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