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Mother’s Day Gift

Papa and I have a WII video game. I like it, but don’t play it a lot. Last night, D3 came in, and said, I have a Mother’s day gift for you. Her hands were behind her back, and a rather strange look on her face. When she whipped it out, it was this:


We nearly fell out of our chairs, we were laughing so hard. Papa was sitting over in his chair wearing his bib overalls at the time, but he had a shirt on with them. (Hey, it’s cold up here in the north country. We do have a camper, but we don’t live in it full time. My hair used to be a red hue, but not quite as shocking as seen here. There is no car up on blocks in our yard, at no porta-jon in the back 40 . Since we were having so much fun deciding it this was the game for us, I read from the game descriptions out loud. There is toilet seat throwing, really.

I finally said, rather weakly, “But I usually get flowers.” She assured me she would get me flowers, too.

This game hasn’t gotten good reviews, I mean review. I could only find one, and it wasn’t too complementary. We’re going to throw our toilet seats anyway. If you are jealous, and need this game, you can get it here.

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2 Responses to “Mother’s Day Gift”

  1. Monica says:

    Now that is a video game!!!

  2. grannypam says:

    Hi, Monica. How are ya. Thanks for the comment. I’ll keep it around so if you are in the neighborhood, come on by and we’ll play it!

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