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Lewis Family Homecoming Photos Posted

I posted Papa Photos of the Lewis Family Homecoming and Bluegrass festival this morning. If you happen to find your photo among them, and would like copies for your website, use the link at the bottom of the blog to send me your e-mail address. We enjoy being able to provide photos to artist for their websites.

I was looking through them, but I really have too many favorites to post them all here again. but I managed to pick a couple. This is Bennett Boswell. He is Roy’s step grandson. I believe Roy said Bennett is nine. He is a very tall boy; we saw his father a couple of years ago and realized where he got his height.

LFHC 09 114

Roy has a magic touch with children, take a look at his face here:

LFHC 09 115

Think he’s proud? You bet.

When Janis saw Esley in this outfit, she said, “It’s Esley Pressley!” Everyone got a laugh, but none better than Janis.

LFHC 09 122

I think he got the neck wear off one of the vendor tables.

Here’s another proud grandparent:

LFHC 09 113

Earl Phillips with daughter-in-law Laney and granddaughter Brooke. Every time this cute little girl on saw her grandpa, she hollered, “Pa, Pa,” in an attempt to get his attention. Yes, she looks exactly like Lewis, her Dad.

There are a ton of photos, 520 to be exact, on Papa’s site.

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