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Not so Wordless Wednesday

I checked over the yard and garden Tuesday, after our last heavy rain. Papa and I worked hard to finish replacing the edging on the hollyhock bed, and it looks fine.


I am glad to have this job done, it wasn’t an easy one. By Monday night, the garden had started to dry out a bit. By that I mean that the mud didn’t have puddles on top of it.

Tuesday morning all that changed around.


There was mud on the mud with water on top!

Sadly, much of my lawn is that way, too. I don’t know how long it may take for this mess do dry up or drain away.


The one good think is the Rhubarb, it seems to love the mud:


Look on the right, it is doing fine, as are the Raspberries at the other end of the row. We need a breeze, and some dry weather this week!

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  1. tipper says:

    It’s really green and pretty-even if it is WET!!

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