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Finally, a Trip to Lincolnton!

The time has come for us to gather up a few changes of clothing and head to Lincolnton, Georgia for the Lewis Family Festival. We will be leaving tomorrow, and will arrive in time for the Southern Gospel Show, held Wednesday night. The local community puts on the show and groups from many of the local churches sing.

This will be the nineteenth and last year for the Lewis Family Festival, and we are glad to be able to attend. We have traveled down there for the past several years, but did miss 2007, the year of my Mother’s final illness. We are staying in a motel this year, so we won’t need a lot of things, we are taking Papa’s new little car, a cooler, a couple of lawn chairs, and some clothing. I guess I should say, we will also have Papa’s camera equipment, you can experience the fun with his photos if you can’t attend. This is the little car Papa got a little while back, it gets great mileage and is very comfortable. We really hadn’t planned on a new car, but D3 bought one (in red) and it seed so nice we wanted one, too.


His older one was getting a ton of miles, we had used it for several trips down South. This car gets great mileage, which is very important these days.

Today, I am trying to get the things done that I should have done when I was touring the Zoo, Museum, and Greenfield Village with GD2. The border on the back flower bed, a little other yard work, some shopping and other treats await me. Then, I’ll make a pile of the stuff we are taking and get ready to go. I might even get time to do a little cleaning up around here!

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