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RIP – Doris Barhitte

We recently received word that Doris Barhitte has passed away. Doris was one of the first people we met when we joined the West Michigan Bluegrass Music Association. We always looked for her at the West Michigan Festivals we attended. She was usually busy, at the bake sale, at the gate, riding around visiting everyone. You name it, she was doing it.

Doris is on the left near the mic in this photo from Mayfest, 2007.


Here is Doris (right) with Shirley Hall (left) at the bake sale table during that same festival.

shirley doris

No one smiled like Doris, and her enthusiasm was infections. She smiled in good weather and bad, in the morning and at night. Doris was a people person, each time we saw her we felt like we were special friends.

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