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Wow! I’ve been running all over, chasing things, and doing things. No posts for GrannyPam for the past few days, but I hope I’m back for a while now. Let me see where to start.

Saturday I worked on my flower beds, hoeing out the on on the south side of the house. I was happy to see that the tulips are about ready to bloom,and the daffodils are doing fine. I fertilized the lawn; we only do son once a year and spring is my time for that. Papa was busy, too, he worked on the vegetable garden. We are enlarging it a little this year, hoping to get more of the good things we eat a lot of. It is still a small space, but large enough for us to care for.

Sunday I started cleaning up out in my little back yard. It looks pretty bleak out there right now, but the grass is greening up. I hoed out all the weeds I could, and then took a good look at the west bed, against the wall, where the hollyhocks live. The edging had moved around, become was generally messed up. So I pulled it all out, and Papa put in a line. I will cut the sod using the line as a guide, and then Papa will reset the edging and stake it. He did that a couple of years ago with the east and south edging and it hasn’t moved since then. So now, it looks like this out there:


You can see that the grass is nice a green. I didn’t take this photo till this morning, and it rained a couple of inches yesterday. I have a lot more work to do out there, and I might get to it later this week.

We stopped in the middle of Sunday, and I gave S-Dad a call. He was home, so Papa and I jumped in the car and drove up. It sure was nice to see him, I miss him a lot around here. It was also nice to see how far he has come organizing his new home. He has the everything in the house put away, neat as a pin. He was in the middle of putting up photos in the living room. It’s a real wall of shame, with photos from many years ago when our children were small, right up to GS2’s graduation photo from this year. He did a bunch of work in the garage, too. He is getting a generator, which will operate if the electricity is interrupted. He will feel very self-sufficient once that is installed. He has also been considering a new furnace for the house, I don’t know where that plan stands.

There is a lot more, leaving something for me to post later this week!

Happy Tuesday!

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