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Library Day

I’m off to the Library of Michigan today, hitching a ride with a group that is able to make the trip regularly. It’s one of the best things I’ve promised myself this year, take advantage of opportunity when I can.

Yesterday, I took all the pictures off the living room wall, washed them, the banister and the ceiling, and bought ceiling paint. I also cleaned the kitchen floor, but that was after dinner.

I’m having a lot of trouble with my knee, it really is complaining about moving and especially climbing. funny, the other knee, which is not bothering me, popped out this morning when I stood up. I probably need to take the exercises more seriously.

We’re under a flood advisory, and it’s supposed to rain buckets again today. Better than snow.

Wednesday, I’ll be painting my stairs and living room. Then I guess we’ll peel the carpet up and see what’s under there. I really don’t want to know, but we’ll have to look, and clean it up so we’re ready to put the new floor down. Then. I also have to figure out what to do on the stairs. Anything will be better than what we have. Anything.

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Granny lives in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. I like genealogical research, gardening, cool weather, spending time with my family, and bluegrass music.


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  1. tipper says:

    Hope something good is under the carpet!! Have fun at the library!

    tipper’s last blog post..Message from the Deer Hunter

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