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Yesterday was 70 degrees, but today was a good day.  GD1 is back to being herself.  S-in-L went to the gym in the morning and took GD2 to play in the kid’s area when he went. GD1 and I went to the home improvement store and got handles for her dresser.  She carefully inspected everything that was available and settled for some shiny ones.

We went to Steak n Shake for lunch.  She ordered a “hamburger without mustard or tomatoes or lettuce, but with ketchup.” And a chocolate shake with peanut butter cup pieces.  She drank the shake, and ate a lot of the fries and at least half the sandwich.  This is a child that isn’t really a great eater, who had eaten a pretty good sized breakfast.
Then, all 3 of the kids played outside in the rather damp but warmish weather till I was worn out.  I pitched while all batted, caught and fielded.

It was a day of simple pleasures, remembering how it was to live in a different rhythm.  And it was great to have GD1 acting pretty much like herself.  It’s amazing how fast kids bounce back.

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