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More About Eastbank Campground

| February 24, 2014

Camping at Eastbank COE campground was great! We enjoyed walking around a circuit along with many other temporary residents. Seminole Lake is beautiful, even on windy days. People seemed to enjoy camping down by the water, but we chose a site farther away. It turned out to be a good thing, on windy days, we […]

Museum of Florida History

| February 22, 2014

This building houses the Museum, the Sate Archives and State library The museum of Florida History is located at 400 South Monroe Street, Tallahassee. A parking garage is adjacent, and it is a quick walk to the entrance. Admission is by donation. Be sure to get a parking token in the Museum store, a $5.00 […]

Tallahassee Museum

| February 20, 2014

The Tallahassee Museum is an large outdoor village and zoo. The village contains a train caboose, a schoolhouse, a church, a plantation house, kitchen and slave house. There is also a farmhouse and surrounding out buildings. I found the construction on the farm interesting, since things were done much differently in the south. There was […]

US Army Aviation Museum

| February 18, 2014

The US Army Aviation Museum is a Fort Rucker, Alabama, just a short drive from Dothan. It has a large collection of army aircraft. There seemed to be emphasis on helicopters, including the first presidential helicopter. It was fascinating to look at the drones, especially since they have been in the news lately. There were […]

Quiet Camping

| February 18, 2014

Sunset over Seminole Lake at Eastbank Campground Our first stop is Eastbank Corp of Engineers Campground in Bainbridge, Georgia. We had reserved here in advance of the trip. For whatever reason, I get uncomfortable if I don’t know where we will park for the night, so we planned this trip to have a “home” almost […]

Just a little Ride

| February 15, 2014

We headed out a little over a week ago to pick up our camper in Southeastern Georgia, where we stored it after a New Year’s trip. Although there was a snowfall the day before we left, the roads were OK and pretty much clear and dry once we got south of Toledo. We arrived at […]