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Is Anything Done?

| February 10, 2009

Papa and I had a wonderful time at M-in-L’s home “up North” over the weekend. We ate a little cake, and visited. We had a brief visit with S-Dad, and continued on toward home. Since we were in the neighborhood, and hungry, we ate at Zenders something we rarely do. It was nice to sit […]

Home Again

| February 8, 2009

We had a nice visit with M-in-L over the weekend, and ate some good food.  She’s been a little under the weather, but seems to be improving.  Since her back has been bothering her, I helped out a little with some chores.  Did me good to think I might be helping a little. We stopped […]


| February 5, 2009

Sorry to say, my “banjo” tag has nearly disappeared – that is a bad thing.    Just in time, Steve Martin and his banjo have been making the rounds, promoting his new CD, The Crow.  He is also promoting the new Pink Panther movie, but I don’t watch movies.  But I do like banjo music, and […]

A Taste of Spring

| February 4, 2009

It was a little warmer for a day or so there, but now it’s back to the deep freeze.  We are supposed to have a warm weekend, but it won’t help Papa and I any, we are headed north to M-in-L’s house.  She’s having a birthday, and we want to be there. I’m busy as […]

Back to the Grind

| February 3, 2009

We sure had a time with GD2 over the weekend. First was Sesame Street, on Friday morning. I think she has pretty much outgrown Sesame Street, but she had a good time, and was happy to select a gift from the sales area. It is a flashlight looking thing, with Elmo on the top, and […]