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Zucchini Bread for Zoo Week

| July 15, 2008

Papa and I have reached the time of summer which I sometimes call garden time. Or, gosh I’m tired. Last night, GD1 and GS3 helped Papa pull out the pea plants, collect the pods and shell the peas. I was trying to clean up after some baking, and some dinner.  I baked zucchini bread in […]

A Visit

| July 13, 2008

Our three young grandchildren, 9, almost 6, and just 3 are here. It was an uneventful drive, and an uneventful dinner. But bedtime is always a challenge, at least for GD1. She is nervous, high-strung, and had a tough time adjusting to changes. She’s fine, she’s just thinking too much. Papa just laughs, or perhaps […]

It Doesn’t Take Much to Entertain Us

| July 12, 2008

I was at Google Maps calculating the time it will take us to drive over to meet D2 tomorrow and retrieve our three young grandchildren, when I noticed that Google has a “Walking Directions” function. Beta, of course. We noted the time that it would take to “walk it”, 1 day, 6 hours, and it […]


| July 9, 2008

So, Papa and I spent most of the past few days in the yard and garden. It took a lot of catching up from our trip. He mowed, I hoed. I pulled weeks, he tilled. We’re almost caught up. Did I tell you I canned some green beans? I also cut a bunch of rhubarb […]

Home Again

| July 8, 2008

Papa and I arrived home a couple of days ago, after a tour that included 3 bluegrass festivals, 2 quick stops at home, 3 grandchildren, a couple of rainstorms, and a bunch of fun. First, the bluegrass, the reason for the tour. We attended the Hart Brothers Festival near Guysville, Ohio. Had a great time, […]