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Merry Christmas

| December 21, 2007

GS2 played Santa at a recent party.  I think these are the best!

For Monica

| December 20, 2007

A friend’s mother died And so I changed clothes and we drove To another place where people Sign a book, and shake hands Look at photographs and flowers Comfort the bereaved and make small talk And I wondered why   A friend’s mother died And so I looked into her eyes and felt sad For […]

Haul out the Padded Bras….

| December 18, 2007

D1 was shopping for her nieces, Gds 1 and 2 recently.  She gave me several indignant paragraphs regarding the padded bras available in the girls section of a major department store.  This is not a discount store, and it also isn’t an upscale specialty shop.  I think it’s silly to offer bras in sizes to […]

Hunker Down

| December 17, 2007

There’s a term I haven’t heard in a while, but it is what entered my head this morning.  Winter time is a good time to feather one’s nest and hunker down in it. Our children and grandchildren didn’t do that yesterday, and we’re glad of it.  We had a very nice family “Christmas” yesterday.  One […]

Not a Good Start to the Day

| December 13, 2007

So GS2 got up late this morning and missed the bus.  I threw on my coat, grabbed my grocery list and headed for the school.  I’ve got to say, it is a real mess in the drop off/pick up area there.  It was early, dark, and all the teens were half asleep.  For at least […]

A break from the bad weather

| December 12, 2007

The weather missed us, at least most of it.  It did rain and spit some ice yesterday.  It was raining hard when we went to bed last night.  This morning, there is a wee bit of ice on some surfaces, but the traffic is racing by as usual on the main road near us.  We […]

Here Comes the Weather

| December 11, 2007

Papa and I had a great trip to Pigeon Forge at the end of last week.  We drove home on Sunday, narrowly escaping the ice storm that caused trouble in Northern Ohio and Southeastern lower Michigan.  We did see a few accidents, but at the time we went through, a little commen sense would have […]

Snow? A Haircut?

| December 5, 2007

Winter finally happened here in the Detroit suburbs.  I had to shovel the drive today.  Well, I didn’t have to, but it’s always better to keep up on such things.  And it’s good exercise.  Papa and I are headed out for a long weekend in the Smokie Mountains this afternoon.  I guess that’s why the […]

It’s Clear and Cold – See the Stars

| December 4, 2007

Tuesday is garbage day at Granny’s.  It used to be Monday, but improvements were made in the route, or something.  I really don’t remember the whole explanation.  Anyway, they start collections at 7, and they mean it.  D1 missed the recycling truck one day by not being up early enough.  All this means that on […]

I’m Back…

| December 3, 2007

I guess I’ve let the blog slip out of my grasp over the past couple of weeks.  We helped D2 move.  When I got home, I was met with a number of pressing items, not of which was a blog.  Ready for Christmas?  That what people are asking now.  I’m not, but I might be […]