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Seventy-nine Thousand Miles Later

| March 22, 2007

Once upon a time, well, actually in October of 2003 I needed a car. I had recently quit working and economy was my main concern, so we bought a Neon that had been leased or used, possibly by a Chrysler employee. The car had about 10,000 miles, and standard options for an economy car. Not […]

Cat boxes

| March 21, 2007

Unpleasant subject–well in this case, funny. If you own cats, you will eventually have a litter box. In the good old days, we lived in a rural environment and it was safe to let our cats outside. Here in the suburbs, we won’t let any of our cats out. Traffic is only one reason. One […]

Back to Normal?

| March 20, 2007

I sure am happy to be home again. The past couple of days have been taken up by looking around, walking around, sleeping in my own bed, sitting in my own chair, using my big computer (as apposed to my laptop) and generally feeling happy The best news is that GD1 is feeling “great”.  She […]

Disclaimer or Correction

| March 15, 2007

My grandson says I should have told him he did a bad job and not posted this.  But, he did a good job, the machine was set wrong.  I saw him carefully vacuum under everything and was puzzled when I saw the result.  Investigation revealed that it wasn’t him, it was the machine, which I […]


| March 14, 2007

Yesterday was 70 degrees, but today was a good day.  GD1 is back to being herself.  S-in-L went to the gym in the morning and took GD2 to play in the kid’s area when he went. GD1 and I went to the home improvement store and got handles for her dresser.  She carefully inspected everything […]

If you think you’ve got problems….

| March 12, 2007

I’ve been here at D2’s home for a week.  I haven’t been away from home for a whole week since I stopped working, unless Papa and I went somewhere together.  Papa did come over here to visit me this weekend, and have some fun with the grandkids, and generally help out.  Good thing, it’s easy […]

Getting younger or older???

| March 8, 2007

GD1 had her appendix removed Monday night.  She’s only 4, and really a tiny girl.  I made the drive pretty quickly, and even had extra underwear–but not a lot of extra underwear.  D2 is at the hospital and has been there except for 2 showers since Monday.  S-n-L has been there a lot also, but […]

Answer this–

| March 6, 2007

How can a large, strong almost 16 year old grandson run the vacuum, and not remove any dirt from the floor.  This is a highly efficient, very nice vacuum that I splurged on, not some old pile of junk.  Are your ready for the answer?  I discovered this, when I used it the next day.  […]

Wow, Weird Weather

| March 2, 2007

In the past week, we have really had it.  Stuff has been falling from the sky, snow, rain, ice, sleet, a little of everything.  The GD’s were here for a couple of days, but the older wasn’t feeling good, so I took them home.  Thank goodness, the roads and the sky were clear that day. […]