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| June 20, 2006

So, here I am at McDonalds in Charlotte, Michigan. Now, if it weren’t for the internet I wouldn’t be here. Or, if it weren’t that I need the internet today as a part of my civic obligation, I wouldn’t be here. No it’s not this humble blog. If you live anywhere in Michigan you might […]

Rain, finally

| June 19, 2006

It rained a measly half inch yesterday. Not to be ungrateful, but we could use a little more, this week please. I had finally given up and mowed on Thursday. I set the mowers up as high as they would go and did it. Had grandsons One and Two help with trimming and so on. […]

Suburban Deer?

| June 14, 2006

We’ve seen deer before in this town of 80,000+, but that has usually been the Royal We. I saw one yesterday, as I journeyed to the mailbox. It was standing in the neighbor’s yard across the street. I startled it, and it ran up the street, and then back through our lot to a spot […]

Tomorrow is the day

| June 2, 2006

One day left. The rain we’ve been promised has never arrived. I have been watering the roses and they are mostly out. The lawn is mowed, the canopies are up. The food tables are up, the eggs and potatoes are boiled. Crazy, but this is all about one 3 hour party. Everyone will converge tomorrow, […]