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Southern Ohio Indoor Music Festival

| December 6, 2010

We enjoyed attending this fine show in Wilmington, Ohio, November 11-13. The Thursday night veterans tribute was an addition to what has been a two day event in the past. The Centerville High School Alternative Strings ensemble joined Joe Mullins & the Radio Ramblers, Rhonda Vincent & the Rage and Nothin’ Fancy to pay tribute […]

The Best Part

| September 28, 2010

The best part of IBMA it the energy of the participants. Now, there are plenty of bluegrass festivals that contain something similar, but this gathering is special. We are part of a group of grassroots club members that are here for the music and atmosphere, rather than for the seminars. Although we would qualify for […]

Dare To Be Different

| September 27, 2010

We attended Valerie Smith’s showcase in Bell Buckle, Tennessee. This year the beneficiary of the proceeds was the International Bluegrass Music Museum. Val and her band, Liberty Pike, recorded their most recent CD at the Museum. According to Valerie, the band made bluegrass presentations to 23 schools during their week in the Owensburo area. Performing […]

Pickin’ On Cystic Fibrosis – September 16-18, 2010

| September 14, 2010

I have written about this before, three times, perhaps more than that. Cystic Fibrosis is a genetic lung disease , about which much is known. But there is no cure, and having the disease is a death sentence. I first learned about CF when a CF baby was born to neighborhood family, in 1973, about […]

Milan Bluegrass Festival

| August 12, 2010

The grounds of KC Campground, Milan, Michigan are already filling with campers. There is room for more, but this is as large an early crowd as I have seen. Here is the view to the northeast of our camper at noon, Wednesday. And here this is what it looks like to northwest at the same […]

Oakland Community College Bluegrass Series

| August 11, 2010

For many years, the Oakland Community College Bluegrass Series has been a highlight of our dark, Detroit area winters. Last spring Oakland Community College (OCC) announced it was ending support for all performing arts, effectively ending the concerts. Tom Laing, who has assisted the College staff with talent selection, was very disappointed. Greg Cahill of […]

Remembering Dad

| July 13, 2010

I have a bundle of things to do today, but I am barely treading water. The reason is that my father died on July 13, 1979, 31 years ago today. Somehow, that 31 years seems like a long time, but the events seem like they happened yesterday. James Austin Yearnd, Sr., 1927-1979 I remember the […]

Dailey & Vincent at the Ark

| July 12, 2010

We ventured over to Ann Arbor last Thursday, July 8, 2010 to see Dailey & Vincent. As I anticipated, it was a high powered show: powerful vocals, powerful instrumentals, impressive stage presence, a truly great experience for the audience. Attention to detail, in singing and presentation, is the hallmark of a Dailey & Vincent performance. […]

The Music of Appalachia and a Surprise

| June 7, 2010

I was flattered several weeks ago, when Tipper, of  The Blind Pig and the Acorn, asked me to write a guest post for her blog. To lay the groundwork, let me tell you a bit about Tipper, and her blog. Tipper’s writing focuses on Appalachian culture, her art work, and the music her family makes. […]


| May 28, 2010

We have catnip growing in our yard, and have had for years. It is impossible to get rid of it, so we just enjoy it. That is to say, some family members enjoy it. I was out pulling weeds the other day, so I also pulled a catnip plant and brought it in. The cats […]