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James Austin Yearnd, Sr. 1927-1979

| July 13, 2009

I am honoring my Dad today, it has been thirty years since his death. This photo must be in the early 1950’s. This one looks later. Here’s one that includes me. James Austin Yearnd was born July 20, 1927 in Cadillac, Michigan to William H. and Winnie (Kaiser) Yearnd. He graduated from Cadillac High School […]

My Busy Week

| July 11, 2009

This is my busy week, I have GS3 and both our granddaughters here for the week. Our granddaughters are headed for Summer Safari at the Detroit Zoo. GS3 has a camp in a few weeks, but he is along for the ride this week. D2 and D1 are headed to the ALA conference in Chicago. […]


| July 6, 2009

We arrived home yesterday afternoon, a little tired, but glad we made the trip. We were out in North Carolina, the first time we actually stayed there instead of just driving through. Emptying the car was easy, but this week will be busy. I have some details to wrap up for our family reunion, which […]

Happy Birthday to Carrie

| July 3, 2009

Happy birthday to D1 today, July 3. I guess I’ll skip her age, you all know anyway. We had been married almost a year when she was born. Here she is at about three. Not sure if this was before or after her birthday in 1973. Like father, like daughter. They are both engineers now, […]

Fun, Fun

| June 2, 2009

Papa and I took a weekend off from the household, yard and garden chores to enjoy our “little” grandchildren. Little is just a comparison word in this case, they are ages ten, almost five and almost seven. Our “big” grandchildren are almost twenty-one and almost eighteen. We took Lex and headed made a short drive […]

Short Week

| May 26, 2009

I’ve started a very short week. I spent a lot of the morning on the garden and flower beds. Of course, plenty of work remains. A lot of my summer will be spent in the gardens. Papa and I mowed the grass as soon as we got home yesterday. I got a lot of thinking […]

Almost Finished!

| April 10, 2009

Well, I’ve been busy.  After my day at the Library of Michigan Wednesday, I spent Thursday playing catch up.  I’m not there, but almost.  I spend some time in the yard, finally!  It sure felt good to be outside.  I raked one of the ditches near the street and hauled the leaves to the still […]

Not so Wordless Wednesday- Cadillac Ice Storm 1922

| March 31, 2009

Another Scanfest, another batch of photos to choose from! Thanks to Miriam for again doing a wonderful job hosting us all. The little book I scanned was among some things left in a box in my garage years ago. A step-son of my step-mother brought them, and told one of our daughters, these belong to […]

Not so Wordless Wednesday

| March 4, 2009

OK, another post from the treasure trove of photos of me, myself, and I. I will be including other family members as I go along, but I’m a first child, and most of them are me, me, me. Over on an e-mail list I read, this is called “shameless self promotion”, SSP. Shay-Ron over at […]

Not So Wordless Wednesday

| February 25, 2009

I know this isn’t my Genealogy blog, but this isn’t exactly a genealogy post. I became acquainted with Wordless Wednesday as a geneablogger, but Wordless Wednesday is used by other bloggers as well. S-Dad passed on a book of photos that Mom had saved for me, or for herself, or whatever. There aren’t a lot, […]