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| May 28, 2010

We have catnip growing in our yard, and have had for years. It is impossible to get rid of it, so we just enjoy it. That is to say, some family members enjoy it. I was out pulling weeds the other day, so I also pulled a catnip plant and brought it in. The cats […]

Unhappy Household Residents

| August 14, 2009

The cats (I don’t have any cats), were very lonely last week when D1 was off baby sitting for D2’s children. The drove me absolutely crazy, (I know, short trip). It was on my lap, off my lap. Rub, rub, rub, purr purr, purr. They followed me around like dogs. If I headed for the […]

New Olympic Event

| June 24, 2009

D1 calls this synchronized sitting, what do you think? I’ll give them a 9.99. After they noticed me taking the photo, they turned to look at me. Well, one is looking up more than the other. It was soon time for dinner, guess what?: There you have it, the very different cats, doing the same […]

Rain Helps

| May 30, 2009

This is no news flash, but just in case you didn’t know it, rain helps stuff grow. It works better than hose water, better than sprinkling can water, it just works better. Warm weather helps too. The peonies are finally open, quite a bit later than last year. You can see that the tulips are […]

This Place is a Zoo

| July 18, 2008

I took two cats, in two cat cages to the vet on Tuesday for shots. I had little GD2 with me. We got to the sign in desk and noted the long wait. I looked at the clock and remembered that I had to leave soon to pick up GD1 at the Zoo. The receptionist […]

Double Take,

| June 17, 2008

Look before the link to cat number 1 is outdated. This cat was featured in the humane society “adopt a pet” section last Sunday, in the Detroit Free Press. Here is a a picture I took this morning of Chloe, one of two kittens D2 brought home from that society last year. OK. As Papa […]

Good Morning!

| October 15, 2007

I’m feeling chipper today, not sure why.  Well, maybe I do know why.  I’ve managed to clean the kitchen cupboards, counter, walls, the outsides of the appliances, the windows, and mop the floor.  It looks so much better in there, I’ll never cook again.  Well, maybe I will.  Finished vacuuming the bedroom, stairs, living room, […]


| September 13, 2007

I have mixed feelings about the cats.  I really can’t imagine live without them, I’ve had one – at least for most of my stay-at-home lives.  Some days, however, I get real tired of them and wonder where I could send them.  There are two cats in this house, and I don’t own any, and I […]

The Lost is found

| April 23, 2007

Last fall, I hauled out a cool game that I remembered from my youth, so I could enjoy it wth GD1.  She had great small muscle coordination, but she couldn’t manage both the ball and the jacks at that time.  I put it away after she left, but one of the 10 jacks was missing. Oh […]

The List

| April 6, 2007

My to-do list ran over 25 items this morning.  Perhaps I’m making too many lists?  Or putting too much on them?  Updating this blog was not on it; that pretty much shows why the list is so long.  I’m down to 11 things, so it’s getting better.  Why do the cats know I’m leaving?  I […]