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Weekend Visit, What Else?

| October 14, 2009

The girls visited last weekend. Early Saturday morning, they hauled out the paper dolls. Those dolls were purchased and delivered by my Mother several years ago. She sure had the right thing, they are well loved and have lasted through many visits. I don’t get the hat either, but she wore it to bed both […]

Take a Little Time

| October 13, 2009

Papa and I spent the weekend entertaining our two little granddaughters. They grow up so fast, and we live far enough apart that we don’t see them often enough. This year is little GD2’s first year in school, so I can no longer drop everything and retrieve her for a visit. We made up for […]

Happy Birthday

| September 3, 2009

Happy Birthday to GS2, who is 18 today. It seems just a few day ago he was just a little guy, and now he is big, strong, and nearly grown up. This is a couple of years ago, even then he was plenty tall enough to reach places I couldn’t. We wish him the best, […]

Will The Real Real Zucchini Bread Please Stand Up?

| July 15, 2009

>edfa year when the little kids visited during the summer, we ate zucchini bread for every snack, so it was understandable that they were disappointed when I didn’t offer them any this year. We got by with Jello and bananas for a few days, but it’s not the same. My problem, no zucchini yet. But, […]

My Busy Week

| July 11, 2009

This is my busy week, I have GS3 and both our granddaughters here for the week. Our granddaughters are headed for Summer Safari at the Detroit Zoo. GS3 has a camp in a few weeks, but he is along for the ride this week. D2 and D1 are headed to the ALA conference in Chicago. […]

Fun, Fun

| June 2, 2009

Papa and I took a weekend off from the household, yard and garden chores to enjoy our “little” grandchildren. Little is just a comparison word in this case, they are ages ten, almost five and almost seven. Our “big” grandchildren are almost twenty-one and almost eighteen. We took Lex and headed made a short drive […]

Short Week

| May 26, 2009

I’ve started a very short week. I spent a lot of the morning on the garden and flower beds. Of course, plenty of work remains. A lot of my summer will be spent in the gardens. Papa and I mowed the grass as soon as we got home yesterday. I got a lot of thinking […]

A Great Weekend

| May 19, 2009

We had a wonderful time at the West Michigan Bluegrass Music Association MayFest over the weekend. We were lucky enough to have GD1 and GD2 join us. It was a good thing they were there, and that the younger one realized I needed help. Saturday morning I said I needed to get the hot dogs […]

Not So Wordless Wednesday, Happy Anniversary to D2 and S-in-L

| May 13, 2009

I had to look back to see how long it had been. Fourteen years ago on May 13th, 1995, the happy couple were married. They’ve had their challenges, as all families do, but they’ve hung in there and put first things first for all this time. Several years ago, when their children were visiting me, […]

I Wonder

| May 12, 2009

I took out 12 or 13 patterns (overkill) in an attempt to find one to make a few pairs of shorts for GD1. She is growing fast, and I do have a lot of patterns and fabric in my storage area behind the kitchen. Some of the huge pile is my fault, and some is […]